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Any new game is coming Mananuk ? We hope so.

I took the liberty of making a publicity page! I hope that it will please as many of you as possible!

I will make an English version as well.

Hello friend, the page is very cool, I don't have Facebook but I saw it through a friend, I love to see that there are still many lovers of chubby pixels, thank you very much !!!

Excellent game!

Thanks friend !!!

very good

Thanks friend !!!

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¡Muy chulo el juego y la nueva pantalla de carga de TITAN gracias! ¿Vas a actualizar las versiones DSK y CPR con la nueva pantalla de TITAN también como has hecho con el CDT?


Sino me equivoco ya lo ha hecho.


Efectivamente, ya están actualizadas, aunque he dejado el dsk con las mías también;)

Would it be possible to basically change the option to start the game? You should not have to select whether you use a joystick by pressing a keyboard key. That rules out the use on a GX4000 from the start. It would be much better if the game starts automatically when you press the fire button on the joystick/joypad. That way you could also use it on the GX4000. An additional .CRT file version would also be awesome. Thanks a lot.

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Hi, I have added a first version for gx4000, if you can try it tell me how it works for you, regards

Hi. Sorry for the late reply. Thank you for the cartridge version. Really awesome. I have tried out the game on the GX4000. It does work. I already played some levels. 

I would have two suggestions. The game seems to skip the title screen by itself. I can barely see it before I'm already in the main menu. Also, the game starts automatically after a short time. Is there a way to set this up so that you can press fire button 1 to skip the title screen and start the game? The second thing would be, if it is possible, that the jump can also (additionally to "up") be placed on the Fire Button 2 of the joypad. This would be useful for CPC Plus and GX4000 users, because the devices support two buttons. 

Button 2 added to jump, still menu issue :)

Thank you very much for your very fast support. Tested it on my GX4000. Jump on Button 2 works fine now :)

Very nice game! 😎👍 Our German-language review can be found in our recorded livestream starting at 03:07:58. Automatic subtitles should hopefully be available via YouTube soon (switch on, if necessary). Subscription to our YouTube or Twitch channel is welcome. 😊

I didn't have Amstrad, in my childhood. From old computers, I had a DOS PC and Amiga 500. But this game still felt nostalgic.

Thanks Paul, good machines !!! ;)

Divertido, fluido, y bien ambientado. La música acompaña muy bien a un juego al más puro estilo "Cazafantasmas"...lo cual es evidente en la equipación de nuestro pequeño protagonista.


Muchas gracias !!! , Así da gusto hacer juegos  ;)

Enhorabuena por tu nuevo juego amigo, muchas gracias por seguir creando juegos de calidad y sobre todo disfrutando con lo que haces!.

Gracias amigo, se disfruta aún más al estar rodeado de buena gente ;)

Gracias Mananuk por tus juegos.Te felicito por este ultimo proyecto.Es de agradecer que una persona se quite tiempo de su vida para que otros nos divertamos.(y todo en MENOS DE 1MB).GRACIAS otra vez, y FELIZ 2023.

Muchas gracias, me sirve también para distraerme y olvidar por un rato los problemas de esta loca vida,un abrazo :)



Gracias Arnau !!! ;)

So fluent, playable and pretty much entertainment. You did it again Mananuk ! Another masterpiece game. A video in your honor.

Thanks friend !!! :)

Very nice game!

Thanks friend !!! :)

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De nuevo lo hiciste! Otro juego super divertido, con una curva de dificultad muy generosa para todos los gustos, con un control y jugabilidad suave y con esa temática "cazafantasmas" que tanto nos gusta. 

Mananuk, no pares!!!

muchas gracias amigo !!! Un abrazo