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Hey, there is some garbage on real hardware and accurate emulators, there is a fast access to the VDP that I fixed, where should I send you the fix?

Hi Friend, you can send me to , thanks !!!

Nice job on this

Thanks !!!


Any chance for a SMS physical repro?? :D

That mockup picture makes me want to have an actual copy of the game!

Thanks for your words friend, for now there is no idea of taking it out physically

No worries.

The game is great and well made. I love it! Looks really pro and authentic for a SMS title.

I just thought it would be neat to bring to carts (maybe with people like Mega Cat Studios?)

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Gracias por el juego! Lo intento jugar en Android con el emulador MD.emu que sirve para Mega Drive y Master System pero no lo carga...

Si quieres jugarlo en android te recomiendo este,un  saludo !!!

very good

Thanks Marco !!! ;)

uno de mis juegos favoritos en spectrum,gracias

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Gracias a ti Eusebio ;)